Starweld PO-FX

The Starweld PO-FX welding line is a super automatic line. All mesh parameters changes are done fully automatically: wire diameter, line & cross wire spacing, mesh sheet width & length.

The machine is fed off coils: 2 up to 6 or more on request. Fewer pay-offs means less space needed and the extreme flexibility leads to less operators needed.

Capable of producing mesh for reinforcing precast elements.

Super productive; great choice for big and small mesh batches.

  • Mesh openings (for doors/windows) (on demand)
  • Panel tilting by shooting the cross wire up/down
  • High reliability & long life
  • Great after sales support
  • Fully automatic CNC programmable
  • High speed
  • High precision through advanced servo technology
  • Excellent mesh accuracy
  • Easy machine adjustments
  • Easy maintenance & use
Mesh Width (mm) (max) 2000 up to 3500
Mesh Length (mm) (max) 6000 up to 12000
Line Wire Spacing (mm) (min 50
Cross Wire Spacing (mm) (min) 50
Wire Diameter Range (mm) Ø4-12
Working Speed (strokes/min) Up to 120

* Customized versions available on demand

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