Taking Mesh Welding to a 3D level

STARWELD POBH is an advanced version of our high-performance mesh welding line, designed to produce high-quality wire mesh 3D fences, including Eurofence and “V”-shaped fence designs. This model is equipped with a bending unit that allows for precise shaping of wire mesh, making it an ideal choice for various fencing projects.


Bending Unit: The integrated bending unit empowers STARWELD POBH to effortlessly shape wire mesh into Eurofence or “V”-shaped fence patterns with precision. This feature enables you to meet the demands of diverse fencing projects with ease.

bending unit-pobh

High-Quality Output: Expect nothing less than exceptional quality from STARWELD POBH. Whether you’re crafting aesthetically pleasing Eurofences or robust “V”-shaped fences, our model ensures each piece meets the highest industry standards.

high-quality output-small2-tinified

Tailored to Your Needs: Just like its predecessor, STARWELD POH, this model is customizable to your specific project and mesh type parameters. We can adapt the design to suit your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Comprehensive Support: PRATTO remains committed to providing all the necessary auxiliary equipment and support for STARWELD POBH, ensuring your production process runs smoothly and efficiently.


STARWELD POBH is not only ideal for the construction industry but also finds its utility in crafting shelves, grids, cages, pallets, containers, and, of course, fencing. Its ability to create intricate 3D fence designs makes it a standout choice for projects that demand both functionality and aesthetics.

Elevate your wire mesh production capabilities with STARWELD POBH, where innovation meets precision to redefine the art of fence manufacturing. Contact us today to discuss how STARWELD POBH can transform your fencing projects into works of excellence.

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